"Meichen" Defoamer

Fast defoaming / good defoaming performance / chemical stability




1. Com­mod­ity name:Defoamer

2. Brand:Meichen

3. Specification:1kg*10 packets/box

4. Defoamer, also known as defoamer, is a food additive that reduces surface tension, inhibits foam generation or eliminates foam generation during food processing.

5. There are seven kinds of defoamers licensed in China, such as emulsified silicone oil, fatty acid ester compound of higher alcohol, polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene pentaerythritol ether, polyoxyethylene polyoxypropanol amine ether, polyoxypropylene glycerol ether, polyoxypropylene polyoxyethylene glycerol ether and polydimethylsiloxane. 

6. Defoamer, also known as anti-foaming agent, will produce many harmful foams in the process of industrial production, so it is necessary to add defoamer.



It should be stored under dry and cool conditions, sealed, ventilated, low room temperature, and protected from light.




Petroleum Industry


Silicone oil defoamer is widely used in petroleum industry, and has become an indispensable important assistant in the production process. Because of the extensive use of strong foaming toilet surfactant in drilling fluid, defoaming agent is not only necessary for crude oil extraction, but also necessary in the post-refining process of crude oil.


Textile Industry


Textile industry is one of the departments with the largest amount of silicone oil defoamer. Among the eight main processes of fabric processing (spinning, sizing, weaving, desizing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing (tie dyeing) and finishing), four processes (sizing, scouring, dyeing and finishing) need to use surfactants and other auxiliaries, so there are foam troubles in different degrees.


Synthetic Rubber & Resin Industry


In the production process of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) floor, it is necessary to coat a layer of PVC sol film. In order to improve the wear resistance of the surface, there are dense bubbles in PVC sol, which will affect the transparency and beauty of the coating if not eliminated. When 0.2% (calculated by PVC) of modified silicone oil defoamer is added, the vacuum defoaming speed of sol can be accelerated, the viscosity of sol solution can be reduced, and the workability can be improved. The cured sol film has smooth surface without bubbles.