"Zhongding" Monoglyceride

White or yellowish solid / slightly bitter / insoluble in water




1. Scientific name:Single double glyceride fatty acid Ester

2. Brand:Jiangsu Zhongding

3. Specification:25kg/bag

4. Ingredient:Palm oil, glycerin

5. Shelf life:2 years

6. Melting point:56~58℃

7. CAS:123-94-4

8. Chemical formula:C21H42O4

9. Molecular weight:358.56

10. At normal temperature, monoglyceride is a white or yellowish solid, slightly bitter, insoluble in water, and soluble in organic solvents such as chloroform, ethyl acetate, ethanol, benzene and various chlorinated hydrocarbons. It is an important nonionic surfactant. It contains one lipophilic long chain alkyl and two hydrophilic hydroxyl groups, so it has good surface activity and can be used as emulsifier in food, cosmetics, medicine and other fields.



It should be stored in dark, sealed, ventilated, low room temperature, dry and cool conditions.



Food Industry


When used in food, monoglyceride is considered as the safest food additive. Glycerol monolaurate and sorbic acid can be used as preservatives in meat products, dairy products and beer, and fruit preservatives.


Daily Chemical Industry


Emulsifier, fiber finishing agent, antistatic agent of polyethylene, polypropylene, foamed polystyrene, etc., which can be used in cosmetics and medical ointment such as skin care cream, cold cream, emulsion and hair cream.



Precision Parts


Glycerol monooleate is used in rust lubricant of precision parts and food additives. High purity monoglyceride can be used as internal lubricant in PVC plastic processing.