"Yingmei" β-cyclodextrin

Products produced by acid hydrolysis and cyclization of starch.



1. Com­mod­ity name: β -cyclodextrin

2. Brand: Yingmei

3. Specification: 0.5KG×20bags/box

4. Place of origin: Guangdong

5. CAS:  68168-23-0

6. Chem­i­cal: C42H70O35.xH2O

7. Prop­er­ties: It is a product produced by acidolysis and cyclization of starch. It can encapsulate various compound molecules, increase the stability of the encapsulated substance to light, heat and oxygen, and change the physical and chemical properties of the encapsulated substance.
8. It has the advantages of high selectivity, non-toxicity, edibility, non-hygroscopicity, good chemical stability and easy separation, and can adsorb nonpolar substances such as cholesterol, because its inner diameter just can accommodate a cholesterol molecule.




It should be stored in dark, sealed, ventilated, low room temperature, dry and cool conditions.



Food Industry


During food processing and preservation, β-CD can prevent the volatilization of various spices, oils, spices and other volatile substances, and keep the flavor of food unchanged for a long time. β-CD can keep the stability of pigments, amino acids and vitamins which are easy to oxidize, decompose under light and deteriorate under heat.


Fish & Meat Products


β-CD can remove the fishy smell of fish and meat, the unpleasant taste of food supplemented with vitamin B and other nutrients and the peculiar smell of other foods, increase the palatability of food, and improve the taste of sweeteners such as saccharin and cyclamate.


Ice Cream Dessert


β-CD can form long-term stable emulsion for beverages with high oil content, such as ice cream, coffee drinks and other emulsified foods. If used with food emulsifier, the emulsifying effect is better.