“Ziboxan” Xanthan Gum 9270,9280,9290

Heating to 165 degrees browning, easily soluble in cold water, hot water.




1. Commodity name: Xanthan gum

2. Brand: Ziboxan

3. Model: 9270

4. Specification: 25kg/drum

5. CAS: 11138-66-2

6. Chemical formula: C6H5O7Na3 - 2H2O

7. Molar mass: 294.10

8. Nature:

Xanthan gum is light brown powder, slightly. Heating to 165 degrees browning, easily soluble in cold water, hot water, neutral solution, encounter water dispersion, emulsification into new stable viscous gel, the viscosity of the solution of low concentration is also high, with corn starch as the main raw materials, the biological engineering method to obtain a polymer anion microbial polysaccharides.



To avoid light, sealed, ventilated, dry and cool.




Baked Foods


Xanthan gum used in baked foods (bread, cake, etc.) can improve the water retention and softness of baked foods during baking and storage, so as to improve the taste of baked foods and prolong the shelf life;


Beverages, Ice Cream, Dairy Products


When used in beverages, it can thicken and suspend, making the taste smooth and the flavor natural; Using xanthan gum in ice cream and dairy products can make the products stable;


Meat Products


Xanthan gum plays a role in tenderization and improving water holding capacity in meat products; It can thicken and stabilize the structure of frozen food.