"Sethness Roquette" Caramel Pig­ment 

Brown-black to black liq­uid or solid / smell of burnt sugar




1.Com­mod­ity name: Caramel pig­ment

2. Eng­lish name:Caramel

3. Brand:Sethness Roquette

4. Spec­i­fi­ca­tion:12kg×2 barrels/box

5. Caramel pig­ment, also known as caramel, is a nat­ural col­orant widely used in food in­dus­try and an im­por­tant mem­ber of food ad­di­tive.

6. Ac­cord­ing to the de­f­i­n­i­tion in the Amer­i­can Code of Food Chem­i­cals, caramel pig­ment is usu­ally a com­plex mixed com­pound, some of which ex­ist in the form of col­loidal ag­gre­gates, which can be pre­pared by heat­ing car­bo­hy­drates alone or syn­the­sized with ed­i­ble acid, al­kali and salt. Caramel pig­ment is usu­ally brown-black to black liq­uid or solid, with a burnt sugar smell and a bit­ter taste. The raw ma­te­ri­als are mostly hy­drolysates or par­tial hy­drolysates of fruc­tose, glu­cose, in­vert sugar, su­crose and starch.




Store in clean, cool, dry and sealed con­di­tion.




Making Dessert


Caramel pig­ment is of­ten used in mak­ing desserts, which can pro­vide cakes and desserts with a fla­vor of fill­ing candy or choco­late.


Bev­er­age Col­or­ing


It can be added to ice cream and egg jelly, or used as food melanin, drinks like Cola are col­ored with caramel.


Whisky Col­or­ing


It is the only ad­di­tive al­lowed in whisky in­dus­try. Caramel pig­ment is sol­u­ble in wa­ter.