“Aipu” Caramel Pigment 

Brown-black to black liquid or solid / smell of burnt sugar




1. Com­mod­ity name: Caramel pigment

2. Eng­lish name:Caramel

3. Brand:Shanghai Aipu

4. Spec­i­fi­ca­tion:10kg×2 barrels/box

5. Caramel pigment, also known as caramel, is a natural colorant widely used in food industry and an important member of food additive.

6. According to the definition in the American Code of Food Chemicals, caramel pigment is usually a complex mixed compound, some of which exist in the form of colloidal aggregates, which can be prepared by heating carbohydrates alone or synthesized with edible acid, alkali and salt. Caramel pigment is usually brown-black to black liquid or solid, with a burnt sugar smell and a bitter taste. The raw materials are mostly hydrolysates or partial hydrolysates of fructose, glucose, invert sugar, sucrose and starch.




Store in clean, cool, dry and sealed con­di­tion.




Making Dessert


Caramel pigment is often used in making desserts, which can provide cakes and desserts with a flavor of filling candy or chocolate.




Beverage Coloring


It can be added to ice cream and egg jelly, or used as food melanin, drinks like Cola are colored with caramel.




Whisky Coloring


It is the only additive allowed in whisky industry. Caramel pigment is soluble in water.