“Lionhead” Ponceau 4R Pigment

Colorant / ponceau / monochrome / content 85%




1. Commodity name: Colorant

2. Brand: Lionhead

3. Specification:0.5kg×20 bottles / box

4. Ingredient:Ponceau 

5. Content:85%

6. Shelf life:5 years

7. By the end of 1998, the state approved to allow the use of synthetic pigment are: amaranth, amaranth aluminum lake, carmine, carmine aluminum lake, erythrosine erythrosine aluminum lake, new red, new red aluminum lake . Lemon, lemon yellow aluminum lake, sunset yellow, sunset yellow aluminum lake, bright blue; light blue aluminum lake, indigo, indigo blue aluminum lake, sodium copper chlorophyll, B- carotene, titania , the temptation to red; Acid red, a total of 21 kinds. More frequent domestic use synthetic pigments are of nine species, including amaranth, carmine, new red, lemon yellow, sunset yellow, indigo, light blue, crimson, red and temptations red.

8. Nature:

Synthetic colorants are the main raw materials of chemical products. Organic pigments are mainly produced by chemical synthesis. According to the chemical structure, it can be divided into azo pigment and non azo type pigment. According to the solubility it can be divided into oil soluble pigment and water soluble pigment. The characteristics of artificial colors: bright color; hue; stability; coloring; fastness; color easy; easy to use; low cost; a wide range of applications.




It should be stored in dark, sealed, ventilated, low room temperature, dry and cool conditions.




Coloring of Drinks & Liquor


It is mainly used for color decoration of carbonated drinks, fruit juice drinks, mixed wine and cakes.


Coloring of Candy & Ice Cream


Mainly used for coloring of candy, hawthorn products, pickled dishes, ice cream, jelly, chocolate, cream, instant coffee and other foods.



Coloring of Cosmetic


Used for coloring of cosmetic, such as lipstick.