“Vita” Aspartame (Powder)

Aspartame is a white crystalline powder, odorless, have a strong sweet taste.




1. Commodity name: Aspartame

2. Name: L- aspartic -L- phenylalanine methyl phthalate (APM).

3. Brand: Beijing Vita

4. Specification: 5kg*5 bags/box

5. CAS: 22839-49--0

6. Chemical: C14H18N2O5

7. Molar mass: 294.31

8. Shape: powder

9. Properties:

Aspartame is a white crystalline powder, odorless, have a strong sweet taste; the sweetness is about 200 times of sucrose, sweetness are quite similar with sugar, and cool feeling, no bitter or metallic taste. It is not stable in aqueous solution, easy to being decompounded and loses sweet, low temperature and pH value 3-5 more stable.



Store in clean, cool, dry and sealed condition.




Beverage Industry


Carbonated drinks are the most used aspartame drinks, such as Coke. In the soft drink family, besides carbonated drinks, the demand and usage of aspartame in fruit and vegetable juices and tea drinks are gradually increasing. At the same time, aspartame can also be used in fruit juice and milk drinks. In addition, aspartame has obvious synergistic effect on natural flavor. Because aspartame can enhance the flavor of fruit juice beverage and fruit wine, it is widely used in beverage industry.




Ice Cream, Frozen Dessert


Because ice cream is a high-sugar and high-oil product, its heat value is high, which leads many people to flinch from it. The ice cream industry urgently needs to upgrade its products through technological innovation in order to strengthen its market competitiveness. Because APM is a low-energy sweetener, high fiber and low-calorie ice cream, sugar-free and low-calorie ice cream are developed by using aspartame and other fillers to solve this problem.




Infant Food, Milk Powder, Soy Milk Powder


A large amount of sucrose is used in infant food, milk powder and soy milk powder. Excessive intake of sucrose will lead to obesity of infants, which is not conducive to their development. Therefore, the use of aspartame with high sweetness and low calorie can replace sucrose in such foods.