“Guanghui” Aspartame (Packet)

Aspartame is a white crystalline powder, odorless, have a strong sweet taste.




1. Commodity name: Aspartame

2. Name: L- aspartic -L- phenylalanine methyl phthalate (APM).

3. Brand: Changzhou Guanghui

4. Specification: 1kg*25 packets/drum

5. CAS: 22839-49--0

6. Chemical: C14H18N2O5

7. Molar mass: 294.31

8. Shape: granular, powder

9. Properties:

Aspartame is a white crystalline powder, odorless, have a strong sweet taste; the sweetness is about 200 times of sucrose, sweetness are quite similar with sugar, and cool feeling, no bitter or metallic taste. It is not stable in aqueous solution, easy to being decompounded and lose sweet, low temperature and pH value 3-5 more stable.



Store in clean, cool, dry and sealed condition.




Bev­er­age In­dus­try


Car­bon­ated drinks are the most used as­par­tame drinks, such as Coke. In the soft drink fam­ily, be­sides car­bon­ated drinks, the de­mand and us­age of as­par­tame in fruit and veg­etable juices and tea drinks are grad­u­ally in­creas­ing. At the same time, as­par­tame can also be used in fruit juice and milk drinks. In ad­di­tion, as­par­tame has ob­vi­ous syn­er­gis­tic ef­fect on nat­ural fla­vor. Be­cause as­par­tame can en­hance the fla­vor of fruit juice bev­er­age and fruit wine, it is widely used in bev­er­age in­dus­try.


Ice Cream, Frozen Dessert


Be­cause ice cream is a high-sugar and high-oil prod­uct, its heat value is high, which leads many peo­ple to flinch from it. The ice cream in­dus­try ur­gen­tly needs to up­grade its prod­ucts through tech­no­log­i­cal in­no­va­tion in or­der to strengthen its mar­ket com­pet­i­tive­ness. Be­cause APM is a low-en­ergy sweet­ener, high fiber and low-calo­rie ice cream, sugar-free and low-calo­rie ice cream are de­vel­oped by us­ing as­par­tame and other fillers to solve this prob­lem.


In­fant Food, Milk Pow­der, Soy Milk Pow­der


A large amount of su­crose is used in in­fant food, milk pow­der and soy milk pow­der. Ex­ces­sive in­take of su­crose will lead to obe­sity of in­fants, which is not con­ducive to their de­vel­op­ment. There­fore, the use of as­par­tame with high sweet­ness and low calo­rie can re­place su­crose in such foods.