“Tianfu” Sodium Phosphate

It's white crystal or crystalline powder, soluble in water.




1. Commodity name: Sodium phosphate.

2. Alias: five sodium phosphate, Sodium phosphate, STPP.

3. Molecular formula: Na5P3O10.

4. Physical and chemical properties: white powder crystal, better mobility.

5. Density: type I density is 2.62g/cm3, the density of type II is 2.57g/cm3.

6. Melting point:  622.

7. Solubility: soluble in water, its aqueous solution is alkaline. 20 mL g/100 (20 C).

8. Character:

It’s white crystal or crystalline powder, soluble in water (about 13%). The complexation ability of alkali metal and heavy metal salt, it can soften hard water. 1% pH value of aqueous solution is 9.5. It has the Ion exchange capability and to make a suspension into a solution.



Store in clean, cool, dry and sealed con­di­tion.




Salting Ham Raw Meat


Sodium tripolyphosphate is used for curing raw ham meat. 2.2 kg of No.3 mixed salt (refined salt 91.65%, granulated sugar 8%, sodium nitrite 0.35%) and 85g of sodium tripolyphosphate are added to every l00kg of meat, which are fully stirred and cured in cold storage at 0~4℃ for 48 ~ 72 hours with good results.


Canned Broad Bean Production


Used in the production of canned broad beans, it can soften the skin of beans. Many fruits and vegetables have tough skins. As fruits and vegetables mature, the skins become tougher and tougher. Calcium can be complexed by adding polyphosphate to blanching or soaking water for fruit and vegetable processing, thus reducing the toughness of skin.


Detergent Auxiliaries


It can be used as detergent assistant, and also used in petroleum, metallurgy, mining, paper making, water treatment, etc. It is mainly used as detergent assistant, soap synergist and preventing soap grease from separating out and blooming.