“Changmao” Fumaric acid

White granular or crystalline powder. Special and strong sour.




1. Commodity name: Fumaric acid

2. Brand: Changmao

3. Specification: 25kg/ bag

4. Molecular formula: C4H4O4

5. Molecular weight: 150.09

6. CAS: 110-17-8

7. Molar mass: 116.07

8. Properties:

Fumaric acid, is known as Trans-butene dioic acid, white granular or crystalline powder. Has a special and strong sour, about 1.5 times than of the citric acid. Heated to more than 230℃ Celsius into maleic anhydride, and the water is boiled to produce DL- malic acid. Relative density is 1.635. Melting point is about 287-302℃. Boiling point is 290℃ (decomposition), sublimation above 200℃. No moisture absorption. It can soluble in the ethanol (5.76g/100g, 30 C), and soluble in water (0.63/100ml, 25 C) or ethyl ether slightly. It is very difficult to dissolve in chloroform and oil.



Store in clean, cool, dry and sealed condition.




Food Processing


In food, it is mainly used for processing meat products and fish products. Fumaric acid can be used as acidity regulator, acidulant, antioxidant assistant, curing accelerator and perfume. This product has strong buffering effect to keep the pH of aqueous solution at about pH3.0, and plays an important role in bacteriostasis and mildew prevention. At the same time, it has astringent taste and is one of the most sour solid acids with low absorption rate, which is helpful to prolong the shelf life of powder products. When fumaric acid is changed into sodium fumarate, the water solubility and flavor are better. Used in cool drinks, fruit candy, jelly, ice cream, etc., most of them are combined with citric acid, and the monosodium salt made by the reaction of fumaric acid and sodium hydroxide is also used as sour seasoning.


Pharmaceuticals Industry


This product is an intermediate of fine chemicals such as medicine and optical bleaching agent, which is used in the production of antidotes dimercaptosuccinic acid in the pharmaceutical industry. The fumaric acid is neutralized with sodium carbonate to obtain sodium fumarate, and then replaced with ferrous sulfate to obtain iron fumarate, which is a blood-rich iron drug for treating small red blood cell anemia.